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ear gauge is swollen bad, should i take out?

Posted by ratseyes

I gauged my earlobes, they are at 00 and the right one had started to swell up hard as a rock! it was painful and i noticed it didn't seem to get less sensitive or decrease in size after couple days icing and using peroxide, should i do away with jewelry completely and just let it do it's thing? or is it alright to downsize and leave in?
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No! do not take it out. The infection needs a way to get out of your ear and that way is the hole. If you take it out you risk letting it close up and trap the infection inside. Take 1/4 table spoon salt in 8 oz warm water and soak your ear atleas and up to four times a day. If it doesn't feel/look better in a week, make a doctor's appointment because you might need antibiotics.
im doing the salt and warm water thing. i also have bottle of antibioticsbut they were perscribed to me for my wisdom teeth is that also good for my ear too . ill post another post in week if it does go down useing the salt water

i have recently stretched my ears and salt water is the best thing to go for.

boil some water and put 1 tsp of salt in 2 cups of water.

DONT USE PEROXIDE, peroxide is the worst thing for your ears, peroxide is to clean cuts and and take out all of the germs. salt water will clean and help restore or repair the ear lobe.

the best thing to do everynight for this is, take out the jewelery and take a little bit a essentials oils but if you dont have any you can use regular cream with no perfume and massage your ear, this will give your ear more blood flow to create nice tissue.

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