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Does your hair need an oil change?

Posted Apr 22 2010 5:59pm

So, a few weeks ago I had hair trouble. My normally pin straight hair suddenly went wavy, overnight. After 4 helpless days trying to whip it into shape I finally just called my stylist and begged for emergency intervention. She cut and styled, and as she finished she mentioned that my hair could use a little love. “It’s been almost two years since this hair started to grow” she said, “you should think about treating it with an oil to perk it up and give it some life”.  I stashed the thought in my “someday I’ll try to remember that” file and went on my way.

A couple days later I was browsing online, as  do occasionally(okay, all the time) and came across something that opened my “someday” file right up. On the front page of Apothica was an ad for Philip B Rejuvenating Oi l. Wonder treatment hair restorer? Um, yeah, I’m totally down with that idea. A quick read through the ingredients made it sound incredibly luxurious and it seemed like just what I needed. Olive, Sesame, Peanut, Sweet Almond, Walnut, and Jojoba oils are just some of the rich goodies you’ll find in this formula, along with Lavender for a little scalp love.
If you’ve never used a hair oil before then they take some getting used to. The dropper was a little unwieldy but once I got a method down it was easier. Saturate dry hair with the oil and then use a fine tooth comb to brush your hair and ensure even coverage. I hit it with heat from the blow dryer for a few minutes and my hair sucked it right up. The greasy, almost sticky feel of the oil as it set was less than pleasant, but that’s kind of the whole thing about oils, yeah? The smell isn’t too terribly strong and not entirely unpleasant, and it feels soothing when massaged into your scalp. It seemed like I had used a lot of the product to saturate my hair, but when I looked at the bottle I realized it had only taken a bit. Pretty good bang for the buck in my opinion.
Once the oil has absorbed for the desired amount of time, you’ve got to rinse it. This part is also tricky, since you put shampoo onto your dry oiled hair and then add a bit of water at a time, massaging to help release the oil. I think that this may have been the most effort intensive part of the process, but I was able to rinse the excess oil from my hair fairly easily. I skipped conditioning obviously, but otherwise styled as usual.
The results are fantastic! I don’t think my hair has ever been so soft and silky. I find myself absentmindedly running my fingers through my hair because it feels so smooth and happy. Shiny and strong, even a good beating with the blow dryer and a flat iron didn’t take away the softness and body. Even though my hair is still fairly short I enjoy tossing my head to feel my hair swing softly. A coworker of mine recently had her already lackluster hair respond poorly to a perm so I handed her my Philip B bottle and told her to give it a whirl. She was so pleased with the result that she didn’t even hesitate to ask where to get it, even after I told her about the $30 price tag.

I love this stuff and I plan to continue to use it as my hair grows even longer. With the amount of processing and heat it’s abused with on a regular basis, my head deserves a little TLC. Philip B is great stuff!

As a side note, I also ordered a new fragrance from Apothica at the same time. As you can imagine, buying a new fragrance scent unseen from the internet might not be the most brilliant idea I’ve ever had. It was too overpowering for me and left me feeling all out of sorts. Thanks to Apothica’s great return policy I was able to send it back and get my money refunded no problem. If you feel the need to purchase something like that online on a whim, make sure you do it someplace worth your time. Big ups to Apothica for being so kind and helpful!

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