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Do I haves scabies or hives? Rash started on neck, spread to wrists, back, thigh crevice and armpits. Please help!

Posted by Mchan729

rash on wrist

There are little raised white bumps that are intensely itchy. The rash was also on my belt line, back, under breasts, in armpit and thigh, and it tends to flare up and then fade after a day or so and spread elsewhere.

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Well the picture didn't work, but here is the logistics of scabies. You'll usually have intense itching which often is worse at night. You'll also have small red bumps or lines where the mites have burrowed. Common locations are gneitals, lower abdomen, elbows, wrists, and webs between fingers. Hives are usually pale, red, raised itchy bumps. They are usually an allergic reaction to something, but they can appear for others reasons- such as an autoimmune response. If you do suspect that you have scabies you should see a doctor ASAP to confirm. You will have to be treated, and most of you close contacts will probably have to be treated as well. You'll also have to wach all linens and clothing to kill any other mites and egss. Good luck!
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