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Dental Implants Offers Permanent Solution to Teeth Loss

Posted Sep 12 2013 6:47am

A smile plays more than one role in the life of a person. It's one way of expressing our emotions to the people who live around us among others. Our teeth make us confident and if this is not the case, we may not be able to offer the best impression about who we are. Dental implants are natural solutions which are not only long lasting, but also look and function just like your normal teeth would do. Whether there are missing spaces between your teeth, your dentures not secured and you have hardships in chewing food, implants may offer you the best solution. Also, those who have lost their teeth because of tooth decay, injury, periodontal ailments or congenital defects, there is good news for them. When you get dental implants fitted, you can speak, eat and smile with confidence and comfort.


How Dental Implants work?


Dental implants are fitted in holes that are drilled in the jawbone which is just beneath the gums. Once they have been fitted in place, dental implants are left to heal, a process which could take up to 6 months depending on the case at hand. While the healing is occurring, the patient will be asked to use bridges or dentures which are temporary teeth. After the implants have healed, implant dentist in Anchorage  will mount teeth for replacement into the implants. The replacement teeth which are fitted to the implants are just as good as your natural teeth both in feel and look.


Kinds of Dental Implants


After getting all the facts about your oral health, emergency dentist in Anchorage, AK  and their highly specialized teams will be able to elaborate the options that are available to you. They will be able to show you which of the available options are most suitable for your condition. End steel implant and Subperiosteal Implant are the two main types of implants that are available. The former is indeed one of the most common procedures which entail the installation of screws into the jawbone which lies under the gums. After the healing, the teeth are attached to it. It offers a permanent solution and looks just as good as when you are using normal teeth. The latter are the types of implants which are placed on top of the jaw with metal posts protruding through the gums thus holding the replacement teeth in place.


Implants offer many benefits when compared to bridges and dentures and some of them include:


Better aesthetics:Dental implants normally fuse into the jawbone hence no issues of gum recession or bone loss experienced. Other people cannot realize that you have replacement teeth.


It stimulates bone growth:Dental implants are positioned on the tooth root and this helps to stimulate production and growth of bones. Patients who wear dentures will have their mouth area sagging and looking aged.


There is no loss of teeth:Dental implants do not require teeth to be removed. However, dental bridges will necessitate the removal of adjacent teeth so as to pave way for structures which support the teeth.

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