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Debilitating burning pain of the face and loss of health in the skin of the face for over 10 months - please help.

Posted by kard

Friend of mine suffering from severe and debilitating burning pain of the face and loss of health in the skin of the face for over 10 monthes.  Over a year ago she developed small patch of hyperpigmentation, with limited burning sensation at that time.  Over several months, more blotchiness in the skin, both hyper and hypo pigementation. 
Last December, the ceaseless burning pain began and has not abated (now 10 months later).  The pain is exacerbated by sunlight (nearly any at all), touch, hot or cold.  She cannot make facial expressions because of the pain and if she moves too much or touches the skin much it tears (these tears are hardly visible to the eye).  The skin at times disentigrates in very small and thin patchs, and these patchs are also barely detectable.
Have seen various providers and 'experts' with no success.  No one has really known what this is, and no prescribed remedies have been successful.  I hope you can help - please let me know if you have any ideas, know of what I could research further or a true expert in facial dermotology and/or nerve pain I could speak with.
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