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Dealing With The Stress Of The City By Getting Out Into The Country

Posted Dec 14 2010 10:08pm

Over the last four days I traveled with a friend away from the coast and into farmland area of Eastern Australia. We first visited my friends parents farm which is a five hour drive south west of my home city, Brisbane, then moved on for a further three hours to her brothers property. These two farming areas were calm, peaceful and absolutey stunning. I had no idea that such oasis’s existed amongst bushland Australia.

The friend I traveled with needed a break, in fact we both did. Since returning home from overseas I’d been working my butt off to get High on Health back on track which had taken a toll on my health. Last week I developed a big ball of tension in the back of my head just above my neck, which I hadn’t had for almost 15 years. My energy was also a little off, I was floating between super hyperactive and dead exhausted. This was made worse by plenty of self medication of theobromine in the form of cacao and yerba mate tea. I was a bundle of stress and roller coaster of emotion and was heading towards a fast crash and burn.

So our little trip to the countryside could not have come with better timing. Both of us were super excited the morning we were heading out, with plans of grand adventures and lots of fun out in the bush. We took books to read, paper to scribble on and I took a few hemp necklaces I’ve been working on for Christmas presents. I also took my macbook and planned on writing a couple of blog articles or even record a video while I was out on the property. But none of that got done. The first morning we woke up feeling tired and lazy. My friend rested for a lot of it and I spent most of my time lying in the sun on the grass reading books. What we were experiencing was the stress leaving our bodies, and while it was making its way out we felt very delicate indeed.

For the first three days of my trip my entire body was unwinding. The big knot of tension in the back of my head was getting softer and smaller every day. I also felt very fatigued, my allergy symptoms flared up and I lacked motivation to do anything except lie around and eat a lot of good country food. The house had a far infra-red sauna built into one of the bathrooms which I’d planned on using a lot, but only got to just moments before we left for our second destination. Intuitively my body felt too run down to jump into the sauna before then, and it actually turned out to be a mistake because my body was just not strong enough at the time to work with that many toxins leaving my body at once. That third day I felt terrible like I had a head cold, and I’m sure it was because I pushed my already weakened body over the edge with the sauna treatment.

But after a big sleep that night I woke up feeling good again. The tension had finally left my body and I felt as though I was in recovery mode. Unfortunately that afternoon we headed back home again on a seven hour drive back to the city so my body didn’t get much of a chance to continue its recuperation process, but I’m grateful for the time I had nonetheless! What the whole experience taught me was just how much stress I can have and hold in my body without realizing quite how bad it actually is. It took a complete removal of my body and mind from my physical location to feel the difference and feel that stress leaving me. It also allowed me time to reflect on the idea that perhaps this level of stress is not good for my emotional or physical health and that it’s important to clear it for the long term. This amount of unhealthy stress is a great way to shorten your life span, decrease the amount of happiness you have in your life, and of course look a lot older than your actual age. So it’s in our best interest to not be super stressed, or even stressed at all!

Now that I’m back I’m going to put an anti-stress regime into action. This will include regular exercise, the removal of stimulants from my diet, plenty of time in nature and hopefully regular trips to the beach for ocean swims (remember it’s summer here!). In fact I might just start that first beach trip this weekend ;)

Let us all know what you do for stress reduction and if you’ve had a similar “stress leaving your body” experience as me.

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