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Dancing Is A Great Way To Build Confidence & Make You Feel Beautiful (Because You Are)

Posted Sep 02 2009 10:09pm

dancing Living in this girl yogini house is wonderful for so many reasons. Dancing has been my latest discovery and I wonder why I haven’t done more dancing in the past.

Yes, it may sound lame to you but it’s not uncommon for the four of us to be dancing around the living room to bollywood music, latin or some random YouTube music video. I’ve discovered how wonderful dancing in a group is to build confidence, get fit while having fun, and most importantly to laugh, be happy and have a really good time.

We’ve also started a household tradition of going to a salsa club every Sunday night and dragging our Salsa-dancing-expert Mexican friend with us, who I think is the luckiest guy in the world because he gets to spend the night dancing with four gorgeous girls!

Building confidence and self esteem with Salsa

How is this all related to skin care? you ask. Well, it definitely is. You’ve probably heard me talk about how important it is to treat acne holistically - which means working on diet, supplements, exercise, relaxation and building a happy and healthy mind.

You also may have read some articles recently on my blog about the mind/body connection of acne and how acne prone skin can in fact be linked to our personal self love, self esteem and self confidence, or lack thereof.

Well I’ve discovered that dancing is a great way to easily build up self confidence, self esteem, a happy and healthy mind, and a really fun way to get exercise. So we’re covering a few of the holistic steps at once here.

It’s impossible to be unhappy when you’re dancing

That’s right - you cannot be sad when you’re dancing. I’m living proof of this. I was feeling particularly miserable on a Sunday before we went Salsa dancing and the night out was like a miracle cure!

However, I’m not talking about the type of night club dancing where you nervously hop from one foot to the other. I’m talking about the type of dancing where you let yourself go and surrender to the possibility of looking like an absolute fool but not caring about it at all - just enjoying the moment - and that’s the key.

Discovering how beautiful you are through dancing

The other wonderful thing about salsa dancing in particular is touch. Being a single girl I don’t get to touch men too often, so dancing with several men in a night gives me the chance to celebrate being a woman and to play to that role and enjoy the polarity of the man leading and throwing me into spins and steps.

Even just the act of being asked to dance is a great way to build self esteem. Salsa clubs are there for everyone to dance with each other so those uncomfortable walls and broken down so it’s perfectly normal for a man to ask a girl to dance. Last Sunday I danced with eight different men which put a big smile on my face by the end of the night. Of course they were all there to dance with us girls, but getting that attention made me feel desired - which is what a lot of us who suffer from acne are missing. That feeling of being beautiful or being desired because we feel that our acne makes us ugly (which mind you it doesn’t ).

It’s also a great excuse to pretty myself up in a dress and a pair of heels (because you have to wear heels when you salsa of course). Which is a wonderful way to remind myself that I am beautiful.

So what are you waiting for? Start dancing!

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