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Dana Delaney on Botox and other PR tactics

Posted Oct 07 2010 5:31am


Fresh off the heels of her car crash report  (did anyone really want her autograph?) Dana Delaney, star of Body of Proof describes an unfortunate Botox experience. She says that her treatment done by her dermatologist caused a problem .  Her photo above shows a pretty well botoxed forehead- definitely smoother than her age would seem to dictate.  

She states the needle hit a nerve causing a hematoma and that her right eye muscle was affected and is starting to droop. Medically, this makes no sense.  An injury to a nerve does not cause a hematoma- blood comes from blood vessels, not nerves. Also, there are no nerves in the face that cause a droopy eyelid- these nerves are behind the eye.  Botox itself can affect the eye muscle, but these effects are temporary, lasting weeks to months if the botox travels to the improper location.

It's pretty obvious that this 'news story' is a PR ploy, just like her car accident report. Does anyone really care about Dana Delaney's Botox, or even Dana Delaney for that matter?

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