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Courtney Love Wants to Get Her Lips Fixed

Posted Oct 18 2008 4:09pm

Courtney Love has recently commented on MySpace that she would like to get a corrective procedure done to her lips. According to the Associated Press:

In a message on her MySpace site, she said she regrets having had cosmetic surgery on her mouth back in the day, which she refers to as "my dark years." She said her mouth "was perfectly cute." She has since had corrective procedures but says her "mouth still looks wonky. I have to restore myself to not looking ridiculous."

I like to enhance lips with long-lasting, but temporary injectable fillers like Juvederm or Restylane. Fat grafting (which is permanent) is another good technique, but only a small portion of the fat usually stays for good and the lips can look swollen for weeks. I'm not a fan of permanent or 'semi-permanent' lip fillers, since they often look fake (Gortex) or can have bad reactions (silicone), sometimes years after they are placed. What type of surgery could Courtney Love have had? Maybe a lip advancement or placement of an implant like Gortex, both of which are not surgeries I recommend due to the high rate of unnatural results. I hope she is eventually comfortable in her celebrity skin...

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