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Cosmetic product review: Kiss My Face!

Posted Jul 02 2009 6:10pm

A while back one of my favorite giveaway sites featured a skincare set from Kiss My Face. I didn’t win, but I got over it quickly enough when some Kiss My Face products showed up in my mailbox a couple weeks later.

Besides the super fun name, what makes Kiss My Face different? Well, for one thing they’re no newbies to this natural skin care thing.  They sprung into action in the 80’s with a big ol’ bar of ugly green olive oil soap and have kept on truckin ever since, even after a fire wiped out their warehouse and distribution center in the 90’s. They also believe in humor and honesty, two things I look for when deciding where to spend my time and money. Hanging on for almost 2 decades in a market that is just now really starting to appreciate the value and impact of natural products is no small feat, and managing to maintain an independent spirit and sense of humor as well speaks volumes to their dedication and passion.

I tried some products from their Potent & Pure line, a selection of products that get the job done with natural and organic ingredients.
“Clean for a Day” creamy face cleanser($15) has shea butter, jojoba oil, and a light fruity scent that leaves me with a hankering for creamsicles. Formulated for Normal/Dry/Sensitive skin types, it held its own with my fairly oily skin as well. It takes a little extra attention and scrubbing, but this removes even my  gel eye liner without stripping or irritating my skin. It’s a soft, creamy formula and it feels decadent smoothing it on. This would have been utter perfection during our harsh dry winter, though I don’t think it will pass muster during my extra oily summer days. This is a good bet for faces that are dry year round though. No parabens, phthalates, and artificial colors or fragrances.
“So Refined” jojoba & mint facial scrub is a lively pick me up on sluggish mornings. It doesn’t have near the grit I prefer from my exfoliators, but it provides an invigorating facial massage that really gets my circulation going and it leaves my skin feeling soft. Be sure to close your eyes though, as the menthol punch(though it could be the camphor oil) can be a bit irritating. This is a good scrub for sensitive skinned types who need a more gentle product, or for those of us who need a little help to get going in the morning. Again, no parabens, phthalates, and artificial colors or fragrances.
“Eyewitness” eye repair cream is brimming with all sorts of goodness like shea butter, rose hip extract, and my personal favorite, hyaluronic acid. While I didn’t get the perk and lift I was hoping for, this is a very soothing, light cream that helped my eyes to recover from the very early mornings my new job has demanded from me. A little goes a looong way with this, and I consider the $19 price tag a very good value. Of course, as before, free of parabens, phthalates, and artificial colors or fragrances.

I also got a chance to try out their organic shimmers and shines in “garnet”. I would describe the shimers as a balm style and the shines as a regular gloss. I didn’t get as much moisture from the shimmer as I expected, and it’s not my product of choice to tuck in my pocket if I know it’s going to be a long day, but the bit of color would be very nice for someone who wants to avoid traditional lipstick. The shine is a pretty basic lip gloss which lasts well and has a nice soft color, though their tubes could stand to be a little tougher since they  failed the 2 year old test!

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