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Concerning a red spotted rash(?) on the side of my face

Posted by jkg

For some time (maybe two years) I have had a pink/red rash(?) consisting of numerous scattered roundish flat (pencil size eraser) spots primarily on my left side of the face (with only a few spots on the right side of the face) in an area close to the ear extending out about 2" descending to the jaw bone. (Not razor related) There is only the very slightest of any sensitivity in the generalized area (as if I had just shaved the area). Lately there are occassional flare-ups of the coloring making them very noticeable, but not much more sentitivity. I am 62, had spent some time outdoors getting tanned working; I have aging spots developing throughout the body but nothing that looks like this. My diet is fairly routine, don't drink or smoke; don't take supplements or vitamins. On 5mg lisiopril; 40mg Crestor, and Sudafed (to prevent sinus infections). I have tried OTC cortisone cream and poly-bacitracin on the rash(?) with no improvements. Since it is on both sides (ever so slight on the right), I am wondering if it is some sort of genetic skin breakdown (but don't remember my mother as having it even through she had the aging spots on her face -  adoptive father) and wondering if it is medicine related, or a bodily deficiency; or combination? Any thoughts here? Thank you for looking into it.
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