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Choosing The Best Makeup Brand To Cover Acne

Posted Apr 11 2009 11:12pm

makeup Honestly the best advice I can give you is to not even wear makeup at all because having nothing on your skin will always be the healthiest way. However, I know from personal experience how fantastic makeup can be to cover spots, so while your acne is healing there are some types of makeup that you can confidently wear without it making your skin worse.

I often get asked for advice on makeup brands but brand-wise I’m not really the best person to ask because when I’m shopping for makeup I do a lot of research to find a good one then stick with it for years. But I can tell you a few important tips that will definitely help you to find the best ever makeup that’s just right for you.

1. Only wear mineral makeup

I’ve blogged a bit about this one in the past. Mineral makeup is a gift from heaven for acne prone skin. So if you’re currently using any liquid foundations, go and throw them away because they’ll do more harm than good.

Mineral makeup is better because it sits on the surface of the skin so does not and will not clog your pores which means it won’t make your acne worse. I wore mineral makeup every day when I was clearing my skin and I managed to go from severe acne to clear skin while wearing mineral makeup every day. So this just proves that the makeup did not make my skin worse. Having said that, I did make sure I washed it off every night before I went to bed or even earlier if possible.

2. Don’t be cheap

There’s usually a reason why expensive brands are expensive - they’re better quality. And in my personal experience mineral makeup is never very expensive because it lasts such a long time. My mineral makeup lasts me at least a year which comes to about 15 US cents a day which is definitely not a lot of money at all.

It’s also worthwhile investing in a good quality brush and looking after it with regular cleaning. A good quality brush will last a lot longer which will save you from having to by another one too soon.

My brand is Minerelle and I highly recommend it if you’re in Australia because it’s local, natural and very good quality. It was also made by a red head so I am a tiny bit biased! If you’re in Brisbane you can get your color matched by Ananda from Vitale Natural in Paddington which is where I go. Let Ananda know I sent you :)

3. Do some research

The best way to find a good makeup brand is to get a recommendation from someone who is already using a good one. Ask your friends and family, especially those who’s makeup always looks great. Then jump on the Internet, do a Google search and check brands out on MakeupAlley.

I found my brand by reading an article in an Australian health and wellbeing magazine about mineral makeups, doing a bit of research and reading testimonials from others that were using it. Then I got a color test by Ananda to make sure it sat well with my skin. I’ve been using it now for over two years and I’ve never looked back!

4. Get a professional to match your color

makeup Ever since I started wearing makeup I’ve always had my color matched by a professional and it’s been so worth it. Have you ever seen girls wearing makeup that looks really obvious? When you can actually see the makeup on their face?

You don’t want that so get some professional help and get your color properly matched. Usually you can look the brand up on the net and they’ll have a list of stores that sell the makeup and which stores do a color match. If you can’t get professional help for a brand that you’re really interested in, then see if you can get samples to trial before you buy. Get a few different colors that sound right then experiment at home. Get a friends opinion and most importantly - match the color with natural sunlight. So apply a bit and go and stand outside and see how it looks.

Sometimes even when you’re at home a little makeup is okay

I’m not sure if this really is the best advice, but it worked well for me and it’ll probably work well for you too if you have a skin picking problem.

When I’m at home and I have acne I look in the mirror a lot. I stop at every mirror that I walk past and study my skin. This is a horribly bad habit and whatever you can do to stop this obsession is a good thing. So even if I’m at home and I have some spots, I will very lightly cover them just to get the redness away. This make a glance in the mirror not so bad and it stops me from obsessively peering at my skin throughout the day. Anything to get your mind off your skin and away from skin picking is a positive. Just don’t overdo the makeup, let your skin breath.

Don’t pack it on

This is a really great tip and a very important one for you to remember. I’ve seen a lot of girls with acne that wear way too much makeup. By really packing it on and making it look too obvious you’re just making your skin looks worse.

Natural, subtle and light are the way to go and this is easily achievable with mineral makeup. Use the powder as a concealer first on your spots, then very lightly layer the makeup until you’re happy with it. Checking your complexion in natural light is also a good thing too because it’ll make sure you don’t put too much on. Most often you’ll find with mineral makeup that one layer is enough.

If you haven’t seen them already, I’ve recorded a series of videos on how to apply mineral makeup which are worth watching if you’ve never used mineral makeup before. At the bottom of that page I’ve also listed most of the makeup and acne articles I’ve written which are worth a dig around- How To Apply Makeup To Cover Acne

Know when to stop

You’ll probably find that when your skin starts to naturally look a lot better you’ll forget to wear makeup in the morning or you’ll even prefer not to wear it. Spending as much time as possible without wearing makeup is a good thing because it lets your skin do its natural thing.

But if you find yourself in a habit and still applying makeup on a “around the house” Sunday when your skin is clear, maybe you need to force yourself to have a day without it every now and again.

I rarely wear foundation makeup. Only when I go out and even then not every time. But I do apply a small amount of mineral makeup on a spot if I have one. I dab a small amount of the powder onto my spot with my fingers, then gently rub it in until the redness is gone and the mineral makeup is blended in so that nobody can tell I’m actually wearing it. For me this is a great way to cover any spots I may have while still making my skin breath and still showing the world my natural skin tone (hey, I love my freckles and want to show them off!).

If you’ve got a favorite brand of makeup let us know about it, it’ll definitely help somebody else in your local area. And of course I’d love to hear your acne covering tips and tricks too.

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