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Chili Organic Raw Chocolate Not So ‘Hot’

Posted Jul 28 2008 7:12pm

I picked up a block of ‘Flame Of Chicchan’ organic raw chocolate made by E3Live yesterday.

E3Live chocolate

E3Live chocolate

I don’t know what E3Live was thinking when they made this product, because it has to bethe worst chocolateI’ve ever eaten in my life. And I’m quite confident in stating that it will probably be the worst I’llevereat.

I even uttered these words after my third bite, “This tastes like disgusting!”, and I have a witness to prove it.

It’s a pity, because I was so excited about bringing this block of chocolate home from a ‘healthy’ grocery store yesterday. I found it in the refrigeration section which was a real treat. It was almost like it was hiding so I felt like I’d hit the jackpot. Even better is how this chocolate is chocked (excuse the pun) full of super foodsandit’s a raw food product. I’ve been learning a lot about raw foods lately so I felt like finding it was fate.

So why do I say this chocolate taste so bad? Well, it doesn’t taste like chocolate at all. It tastes like some kind of strange health bar that forgot to add a sweetener. Then it has this chili aftertaste which burns your throat a little. So essentially it’s a chunk of bland savory stuff with a hot ‘n’ spicy chili aftertaste.

I do have to give E3Live a little bit of credit for creating something that’s so damn healthy. It does contain a few superfoods (raw cacao, raw honey, spirulina, coconut oil), and there isn’t one ingredient on the list that isn’t highly beneficial to our bodies. If this block of choco actually tasted good, I’d be buying it by the carton, that’s how healthy it is.

E3Live chocolate

I’m disappointed in this chocolate for a couple of reasons. First, I had high hopes that this would be THE brand of delicious tasting healthy chocolate that I was looking for, and second because it goes against everything that I’m all about when it comes to healthy eating. Because these ingredients modified and mixed around a little can make a healthy chocolate that actually tastes good, the way healthy food should. I feel like E3Live just got it a little bit wrong somehow. Yes it’s great to make a healthy chocolate, but it’s also important to make it actually taste good too.

And it’s not impossible. Healthy food, especially raw cacao, does not need to taste bad. In fact, raw superfoods and raw cacao can be some of the tastiest foods we’ll ever eat.

Now this product is handmade and the recipe obviously would have been sampled by the people that make it, so I’m wondering if I’m missing something here. I guess it is called ‘Flame Of Chicchan’, so perhaps the chili flavor should not have been such a surprise. But I’m also wondering if my taste buds are just not aligning well with the product. Perhaps my travel buddy (who also sampled it with a similar response) and I are just not acquired enough to fully appreciate this raw taste.

In any case, I won’t be buying this product again. And unless you like your chocolate to taste like cardboard and chilis, then I’d hold off from purchasing one too.

Sorry E3Live for the very bad review, but you still get top points for being super healthy!


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