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Can you tell me what kind of rash I have and how to get rid of it???

Posted by Ellis

I am a 23 year old athletic white male and have had an itchy red rash going on for about 6 days now, each day getting worse. It started with a little redness and disfomfort on my buttocks crack which led me to believe it was just irritation b/c i do a lot of walking around at work. A couple days went by and it got worse moving to the inside of my thigh and i noticed it on and inbetween my fingers and toes, though it is not as visible there as it is on my buttocks and thigh it still itches. It has now stretched from my thighs and buttocks around to my genital area causing great discomfort and has gotten a little worse on my fingers and toes. It is not just a red rash, but all of it is small bubbles kind of like poisen oak or something. There is no weaping of the bubbles at this point and i have avoided scratching the whole time this has been going on. It is not evident on any other parts of my body besides those mentioned, not on my arms or any other part of my legs besides the upper inner thigh. I had this same thing happen about two months ago just on my buttocks and genital area and the doc gave me a steroid cream which did not help. Two days my genitals had swolen 2 times their normal size. I then went back and he gave me 2cc shot of steroids and an oral steroid to take which cleared it up in a day or two, but now its back again the same as before just my genitals havnt swolen as bad yet. I went back and saw the same doctor as before and he refered me to a derm. specialist which i saw today. He said he could not see the rash on my hands and feet that it was poor circulation and the rest of my rash is just irritated skin from moving around so much. He refered me to a circulation specialist (which i think has nothing to do with it) and prescribed a steroid cream which i told him i tried before. I don't know what this is or what to do.....Can You Please Help???
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