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can you tell me if cellulitis and contact dermatitis are related and if you can get them on one side of the face?

Posted by reba47

i also ask the dr. why after 3 mths did the rash start he said sometimes theres a delay. the rash is clearing up and im almost through with my antibiotics, he also gave me a shot of decodron and im taking keflex 3 times a day. any advice would be apprecitated.


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I aquired contact dermatits from an allergy to a spray hair gel. It started on my hairline/neck, and then my hands, and tops of my feet( i guess it was the way I was standing when I sprayed my hair). Within two days, my chest, stomach, neck and arms were covered in a rash. The doctor gave me a methylprednosolone booster pack, and the next day my left arm was so swollen i couldn't bend my wrist. I went back in, and she told me it had developed into cellulitis. I began taking Cephalexin(generic Keflax) (500mg) 3x a day, got a shot of decadron, and continued my booster pack. I feel like my head is swollen it hurts so much form these high doses of meds, but a bacterial infection in your body is not like a viral one. Cellulitis is a bacterial infection in your skin, and can lead to a bacterial infection in your blood and can cause a myriad of fatal conditions including Menengitis.  Stay on the Keflex until your prescription runs out. Even if you feel better, the bacteria may still be present, and you should take all your medication until it is gone. Good luck. I need it too! :)
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