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Can anyone help me to find out what these small red bumps are all over my skin??????

Posted by Mike Jones

Hello, I need a response on this it is very important to me. I have small red bumps all over my skin, they are particularly small, largest would be apx. 1/4 inch. When exposed to sunlight, likte the ones on my arms they turn whit, not letting my skin tan, it is not a pigment issue i am only 20 yrs. old and never had problems with/ or problems with older family member having real "sun spots". They started out in a small patch on my stomach and a year later went away. And i have not had problems with them for quite sometime. I recently moved to florida and i am wondering if it has to with the durastic climate change. I notice when i sweat that they start to raise above my skin, as if irritated. I have let them go for a while hoping like last time that they might just go away yet they have done nothing more than spread everywhere!!!!! I do not have them on my face yet, I am somewhat attractive and i would like to keep my alright looks and my social life, PLEASE HELP!? If You Have Answers Or Know Anything Email Me @ Thank You For Helping.....
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