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Brown rash on inner thighs and spread to genitals...what is it ?

Posted by DavidJones111

This rash has been around for awhile, a few months.  Only recently is getting worse.  MD prescribed Fluconazole for that rash.  However, within the last 2 months, developed rashes on my hands, and arms.  Different than the brown rash, these are red and slightly raised.  These were said to be from poison ivy, and was given Predisone for those.  Within the last week, the "poison ivy" rashes are appearing on my lower stomach area, and on my legs.  Tried Aveeno cream, and Aveeno Oatmeal Bath soaking washes...helps a little, but the rashes just won't go away.  I take Clonazepam and Propranolol for anxiety, but have been on those for 5 years with no problems.  These rashes are drving me crazy...any ideas what they are and what to do ?
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