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brown bumps under breasts

Posted by essejen

I have light brown, flat, irregular shaped, bumps under my breasts.

My breasts have started to itch underneath a lot recently but when I look I have a type of heat rash that is itching which goes down.

I am getting more of these brown bumps all the time. When i first had the itch about a month or two ago, there was one, each time i check there seems to be more, I now have approx 20.

 Recent med history: I am in the menopause. Treated for overactive/Graves thyroid...for 3 years,  was euthyroid at last test 3 months ago. I have a constant blocked nose whatever the weather or pollen count, which I use Beconase.  I get a lot of migraines 1 a month or more. I have one swollen eye.

I did have Squamous cell Carcinoma (cancer) 10 years worried its back.

What is this?

Cant go back to GP as always there and feel like  a pest

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