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Botulinum Toxin Injections… A Conservative Rationale?

Posted Sep 15 2005 12:00am

I had a return patient come in today to consider more Myobloc (the Botulinum toxin that I use in the office the most frequently). Her friends at her office had had alot of Botox…in their foreheads, in their eyelids, in their Crow’s feet… Another doctor had done this. She wondered if she “needed” more. Well nobody “needs” this. The real question is whether or not she might benefit from more.

I discouraged her from using it for more than the central forehead (base of the nose) and a little at the crow’s feet.


(1) I like people to have some facial expression. Blunting some wrinkles is OK. I don’t like “Stony” faces.

(2) There is some evidence that injecting too much into the entire forehead can drop the eyebrows and lead to the desire to have a forehead lift. I am not comfortable about causing the need for a cosmetic operation that a given patient may not want.

Botox and/or Myobloc is/are fine, but there is definitely a place at which too much makes a problem.

Remember my blog= my opinion

Until Later,

John Di Saia MD

Silly Disclaimer… a real commercial (LOL):

The foregoing message has not been approved by any company making outrageous profits from the sale of botulinum toxins. They would rather you inject every square centimeter of your body.


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