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Botox in your Vagina?

Posted Feb 28 2011 10:30am

I have often joked “They will stick a botulinum shot anywhere the sun shines.”

Now they just might stick it where it doesn’t.

Dr. Peter Pacik, a New Hampshire surgeon, is conducting an FDA-approved clinical trial testing the use of Botox on female patients who experience painful burning sensations and vaginal muscle contractions that make having sex nearly impossible, the news agency said. As many as 6% of women worldwide suffer from the muscle spasms caused by a reflex reaction to sex, Pacik told

These days when I read something like this I wonder how much of the story is on the level and what the “Hype factor” might be. Six percent of women affected? I don’t think so. That number is being inflated.

Then again for women with vaginal spasms, this could be helpful. It works for anal sphincter spasm. I know a few General Surgeons who were using it as opposed to surgery for the problem. Then again it will be expensive and will need to be repeated. Botulinum toxins wear off in 2-3 months on average.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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