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Botox Didn’t Work – Why?

Posted Nov 23 2010 10:30am

The botulinum toxin industry is complicated. These compounds are proteins and there are a number on the market. Botox was the first, a botulinum type A protein. Myobloc followed as an alternative type B product. Then we have Dysport, another type A. These are the most common three in the US anyway. There are differing trade names for these compounds and they vary in potency. Your injector needs to know what he or she is doing and part of this is picking and knowing good material.

People often complain that they have had varying experiences with their different treatments. The truth about it is that the reasons for this are complicated. A particular injection might not work as well as another due to several factors:

(1) The exact compound used – A reliable material is a key to a good result.

(2) The potency of the material – These toxins must be kept cold to retain their strength. When they get warm they lose their punch. They might work less well or for a lesser period of time.

(3) The dilution – Cheapie outfits simply dilute the compound to make the price lower. It will then last a shorter period or not affect as much of a change.

(4) The injector’s skill – Better injectors can get better results by more carefully targeting the proper muscles.

(5) Individual sensitivity – These compounds simply work better on some people than others.

So when you get to a injector who gets a good result for you, consider staying put. He or she is working the combination right for you. And when you go to a cheap injector, understand why it might make a difference.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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