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Botched Liposuction?

Posted Apr 03 2007 12:00am

CityRag and Awfulplastic blog about tummy liposuction and poor results. I am not sure of all of the treatments these women have had. If they have had liposuction, there are a few questions of note for each woman:

(1) Was her weight stable at the time of the surgery? I ask my liposuction patients to have surgery when they do not plan on large weight gain or loss (usually around 15-20 pounds) afterward. Weight change after liposuction can introduce contour irregularities that look like those we see in our image.

(2) Was there excess skin in the areas treated with liposuction at the time of surgery? If so, a tummy tuck would have been the better choice. Of course big cigarette smokers do poorly with tummy tuck surgery. They don’t heal so well (even with liposuction). I believe all of these women smoke.

Liposuction only addresses fat. It requires that the skin over the fat is elastic and pretty tight. Loose skin over liposuction-treated areas can look ripply like we see in our image. Of course “over suctioning” could contribute to the problems we see in our image as well. Yes, believe it or not you can “take too much fat” with liposuction and make problems especially with weight change later. Liposuction is not the “do all” of plastic surgery. That’s why it is best to see a good honest plastic surgeon for an opinion before you jump toward surgery that may not be the best thing for you.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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