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blister on toe thumb near nail very painful, 15 days, pus formation.feel the pain in the bone a throbbing pain

Posted by premal

have been treated with betadine lotion dr asked to soak feet in betadine solution in hot water for 4 times a day also applying mupirocin ointment USP. pus is gone but blister is still there, its very painful with a throbbing pain and at time a feeling of numbness, lots of redness and swelling on the toe thumb. nail is not affected. problem has been there for the last 15 days. also taking roxide 150, no fever
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I have a blister on my thumb close to but not on the nail. It is about 1/2 diameter, I saw my doctor and she recommended BAG BALM you can buy it in most drug stores in the cosmetic section.  I have been using it for 2 days and my ginormous blister is now gone from yellow to almost clear.  Never pop a blister it can lead to infections.

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