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big red , painfull if squeezed lump on penis shaft. what is it??

Posted by gleb91

i have a red hard lump/ball, that is painfull is squeezed, under my skin on my penis shaft. it doesnt have a head, its a single almost peasized lump and i see none others around and never had them before. i applied vinegar on it for a few minutes and when i took the cotton balloff, it was white and stayed white for about 5 minutes. next day i looked at it and saw that it was a little bit irritated , i applied vinegar again and it stung the whole 5 minutes and when i took it off it was white again. after about 5 minutes it turned red again and i could see the irritation was almost bigger . what is it and should i keep using vinegar or just leave it alone?? does this sound like genital warts?
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