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athlete's foot help

Posted by lastrequest

I need the best treatment for athlete’s foot, please?   What have you tried that really worked and got the itch off your feet?   The itching and the pain is so difficult.   Can anyone help?
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I understand how painful that is.  I used to wake up and found out I unconsciously scratched my athlete’s foot and so it went really bad.  Anyway, I was able to treat it by using gris-peg.  It’s an oral medication.  Ask your doctor about it so that you’ll have more information.  It’s also available on any pharmacy out there.  In addition, make sure that you keep your feet dry and clean.  Don’t wear any shoes or socks without your feet dry.  Hope this helps!

I would like to know is it that heal of my foot hurts like a sharp pain. What is causing it from hurting?

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