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Are You Creating Your Acne?

Posted Nov 18 2009 10:00pm

feet I’ve discovered a plantar wart on my big toe :( which sounds gross but I’m choosing to believe that it’s completely natural and not yucky in any way at all! And I’m choosing to tell you about it because it’s funny how little things like these can lead to interesting life lessons. Yeah, even my plantar wart can be a bit of an enlightening experience believe it or not …

This wart has been on my big toe for a couple of months now but I previously had no idea what it was. It just looks like a black dot amongst dry, hard skin on the bottom of my toe so I just assumed I’d stepped on a prickle or something sharp that got caught underneath the skin. Every time I washed my foot the spot would hurt and I’d think to myself “wow, I need to take a closer look at that”, but then I’d completely forget about it ten seconds later.

I could never feel it when I walked around and it was never on my mind. I literally did completely forget about it when I wasn’t washing my foot. And then I finally got around to taking a closer look and realized that it was actually a plantar wart (the only reason I could recognize it is because an ex of mine had one).

So of course I freaked out because I remember that ex having to get his cut out and the drama about THAT procedure and how uncomfortable it is getting stitches on the bottom of your foot. So I jumped on Google and The Best Day Ever site and started searching around for natural plantar wart cures.

I didn’t spend a lot of time looking for a cure so I haven’t started any anti-wart regime just yet, but it’s so interesting how my mind and my energy has zoned in on my big toe and my wart. I’ve gone from not realizing it’s there to feeling the pain of it with every step that I take. And today while I was walking around the park I started to feel a sharp pain on the other side of my big toe and freaked out that it had spread and then I’d have TWO plantar warts on my toe!!!!

So then came my enlightening experience. I realized that I do this EXACT same thing with acne and I’m sure you do it too. When I have acne my mind and my energy focuses on it all of the time. I can almost feel the toxins in my skin and it really bothers me. I’m now convinced that by focusing this much energy on my skin I’m in fact increasing the redness and inflammation of my skin and even the severity of my acne.

My plantar wart is such a perfect example. Here was a wart on my foot that I didn’t even notice was there. Then as soon as I discovered what it was, I could FEEL its presence and FEEL its toxins and it started to hurt and in my mind I began to assume it would spread. It’s like I can feel a little ball of creative energy around my toe that’s always there because part of my mind is continuously focused on it. Wow, what a complete waste of energy!!

Energy and our mind are the best healing tools we have. But this type of energy is destructive. This type of creative energy is able to manifest what I believe is true. So if I honestly believe at every level of my consciousness that my planter wart is huge, that it’s going to grow and that I’m going to get more on my toe then I probably will! We are such powerful beings and so good at creating things, even stupid stuff like more plantar warts or more severe acne.

So in a way I’m glad I got this nasty little warty thing because it validated what I always suspected to be true about my acne and the ridiculous amount of energy I focus on it. If you’re like me and you find that your mind is in some way always focused on your skin, even if there’s just a little bit of attention behind what you’re REALLY supposed to be focusing on, then STOP IT!!! Or at least try to anyway, I know it’s hard.

Or better still, take that destructive energy and turn it into something beautiful and healing. Instead of believing that your acne is really bad and that it’s only going to get worse, fill that energy with beautiful clear skin. Every time you become consciously aware that you are having these destructive thoughts about your skin, just turn them upside down and make them happy positive beautiful thoughts instead. Because you actually CAN use your own energy and your own mind to create the clear skin that you want. Sounds hippy-trippy I know but it’s very possible.

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