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Anna Kournikova Plastic Surgery ?

Posted Jun 07 2005 12:00am

Celebrity plastic surgery has become a favorite blog topic has it not?

My e-mail as of late has been filled with questions such as:

Has Anna Kournikova had plastic surgery?
Has Carrie Underwood had plastic surgery?

Let me help you all with one simple statement:

I don’t know.

If so, their surgeons did a nice job. Personally, I like plastic surgery that is not so obvious that it offends.

The cases in which it seems likely (at least to me) that someone has been operated are those in which the changes are “night and day.” This (as we have seen) is not always a good thing. I don’t personally know if any of the people about whom I blog have had surgery. I usually have suspicions however. :)

If I did operate for a famous entertainer, I would certainly not blog about it.

Geez, let a guy have a little class.


John Di Saia MD

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