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Am I running a Special on Melanoma?

Posted Jul 15 2005 12:00am

Melanoma is the rarest of the skin cancers, but the only skin cancer that has a reasonable possibility of killing you. These things can be nasty like the alien in one of those Sigourney Weaver movies. It is summer, so don’t just buy that sun screen….wear it! Skin cancers are a consequence of lifetime sun exposure and melanoma is thought to come especially from pre-pubescent sun exposure. So lather up the kids!

The melanoma picture you see pictured above is a past case from a few years ago. I’ll take a better picture of one of these newer cases with my more recent (better resolution ) camera. See the irregular border? That’s a sign of a mole possibly going toward the dark side…..

Until Later,

John Di Saia MD

P.S. I know this isn’t a cosmetic surgery-related post, but this is my blog. Those not happy about it are advised to start their own blog and I’ll come over and bitch about your posts there. LOL…..

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