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All Conscious Vibrations Require A Good Diet

Posted Apr 27 2011 6:15am

I’m sorry if I’ve seemed a bit distant or quiet lately and I’m sorry that new videos haven’t gone up on the blog. A week ago I moved into the most beautiful little apartment in a secluded area north of Byron Bay in Australia. Getting this apartment was one of those synchronicities that was handed to me by the Universe on a silver platter. At the most peak time of the year, and with a very small budget, I was practically handed this beautiful space for the exact dates that I needed somewhere to stay.

The apartment has become a little retreat space which has allowed me the time and space to relax, rejuvenation and reflect which is what my heart, body and soul have been craving for many months now. It has essentially become the perfect healing space for me right now.

The apartment has a huge balcony that spans across the entire living areas and overlooks bush land all the way up to the ocean. So every day I wake up to the most amazing sunrise and sit on my balcony listening to the birds and gazing across bush land out to the ocean. At night I have little kangaroos that come and visit my garden to graze for food. The energy here is just so incredibly magical, relaxing, rejuvenating and creative. Exactly what I was searching for.

I guess what I wanted to write this article about was how this experience has made me yet again validate the importance of being close to nature. There is no Internet, wifi or cell phone connection in my apartment which I was freaked out by in the beginning but I’m learning to love the tranquility that being cut off from “everything” gives me. I’m also finding that this closeness to nature and an abundance of prana is silently and softly transforming my being in ways that I didn’t think it really would. As each day passes here, I’m finding myself becoming more centered and emotionally strong. My heart is opening wider and I’m naturally choosing to become healthier. Just by being immersed in nature like this, I’m actually beginning to crave cleaning my body to become lighter. I guess it’s to get closer to the high vibration and frequency that nature is resonating at.

It’s interesting because on the lead up to staying in the apartment, the books that I flicked through or the books that fell into my lap all contained the same message – that all conscious vibrations require a good diet. The body cannot ascend in frequency on a low vibration and toxic environment. Really, it makes so much sense. All foods are absorbed and assimilated into the body, so essentially they become part of you. If you therefore choose to eat high vibrational foods (organic, live and whole foods), then that is essentially what you will become. It really is true, you are what you eat.

And I’m not telling you to become a raw foodie. What I’m trying to point out here is that one piece of the puzzle to reaching a higher peak state is to follow spiritual nutrition. This may just mean adding in a superfood smoothie once a day, eating a big live salad with each meal, or spending the time and intention to charge up your water before you drink it. Either way, you can’t go wrong with including a lot of raw food into your diet. This message has become so obvious to me the more I spend time here in this space, and the more time I spend in nature.

And no book, no video or no article can sway me as much as just being immersed in this environment can. Just by feeling so clearly how everything is connected, I’m waking up in the morning excited about doing yoga and meditation, reaching for my neti pot (which I got out of the habit of using months ago), wanting a big ocean swim cleanse and of course, craving packing my body full of living foods. I’ve been making big superfood smoothies every morning jammed with a whole bunch of superfoods that I’ve now collected in my kitchen.

Years ago when I first read Living Energies by Viktor Shaulburger I was deeply inspired by his rebellion to refuse to attend formal education and instead use the forrest and the natural environment as his classroom and teacher. I can now fully feel and understand why Viktor was adamant to make this decision. Just by opening and tuning in to the natural environment, we have so much to learn.. and it has so much to teach us. And the lessons are downloaded right into the core of our soul so they become an inner knowing and surety that is as deep as learning from a direct experience.

So today I’m reflecting on the message that nature has given me – to eat consciously – but not in a forceful way, to let your body tune in to the want and desire and let your soul gravitate towards spiritual nutrition naturally.

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