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Acne, Depression And The Contraceptive Pill

Posted Apr 13 2009 11:13pm

I recorded this video in response to a question by Laura, who wrote the Acne Dysmorphia article. If you haven’t read her story I highly recommend it, especially if you ever feel down or depressed about your acne - Living With Acne Dysmorphia - Desperation For A Clear Complexion

And here’s the link to the Lady-Comp, that little contraceptive device that I said I’d link to - Lady-Comp natural contraception

I really only covered this massive topic very briefly in this video. In the future I’d like to do more videos and articles about the emotional side of dealing with acne because I think it’s something that isn’t talked about often enough, and pent up negative emotions can lead to bigger problems like skin picking, OCD and acne dysmorphia (even though I don’t like giving stuff labels).

So please let me know in the response box below if you’d like me to discuss some element of the emotional side of your skin condition that I haven’t touched on yet, or only touched on lightly.

Much love, peace and happiness to you all!

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