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about my ear piercing in my ear lobes

Posted by rabborami

i had about 18 days ago ear piercing in both ear lobes. the same day i took out the stud for the right ear and that hole closed up as i can see in the mirror. but i left the left ear for 4 days and then took it out because i decided it is too long to leave them in for 6 weeks.. so now it has been 18 days and they have both been out.. i have been applying every day until today the ear care solution they gave me to prevent infection.. it seems both ears are normal



but my concern here is that where the holes of the piercing were it is purple spot as i can see in the mirror not that big just purple... is this normal .. they say it will go after time.. but i am worried it will stay for a long time.. does anybody know how long it will stay and just leave it alone ... i just want my ear lobes to return the same original color


much appreciated

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