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A Much Funner Way To Eat Broccoli!

Posted Jul 28 2010 10:20pm

I don’t love dehydrated food. Occasionally I’ll make something or taste something dehydrated that’s awesome, but usually my dehydrated food is nibbled on then left untouched long enough to end up in the compost bin. This is probably a good thing because dehydrated foods are known to aggravate vata. And since my constitution is heavily vata already, any excess is certainly not desirable.

This basically means that dehydrated food is “too dry” for us vata types because we’re too dry already, and it’s recommended that we drink more water when we consume dehydrated foods. If your Ayurvedic constitution is predominantly kapha or even pitta, then you can handle much more dehydrated food than me.

Either way, when I come across a new raw food creation in my local health store I have to try it. My latest find was Raw Organic Curry Broccoli Bites by Loving Earth which don’t look particularly appealing but sure are a fun way to eat broccoli.

Initially the price of this product seems way too high at AU$10, but if you think about how much organic broccoli is actually in the pack, the price is quite cheap. As for the taste, well I’m not a huge fan. My first reaction was not that great, I felt like it needed much more salt. But interestingly after a couple more bites I felt like I could devour the whole pack in one sitting, weird. It’s like they’re moorish without being particularly tasty.

I think food like this is GREAT for kids. Broccoli that’s all dried up and covered in brightly colored seasoning is much more appealing to children. The taste is relatively bland too which is perfect for kids.

But you don’t need to buy a pack if you’ve got your own dehydrator. It’s easy to make your own seasoned dehydrated vegetables. Make dehydrated broccoli the same way you make kale chips. Make up a cheeze (such as a cashew nut cheeze), coat the broccoli then dehydrate at 40C until crisp and crunchy.

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