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A Man’s Guide To Wearing Makeup

Posted Oct 31 2008 12:12pm 1 Comment

russel brand Uh huh, men are now wearing makeup. I did think this was a little weird at first because I’m a girly-girl and I like my man to be rugged and boyish. And the hippy part of me prefers not even to wear makeup at all, so I rarely wear it now that my skin is clear so I wonder why guys would even bother.

However, when my acne was bad, or even just badly mild …I religiously wore mineral makeup every single day, and boy oh boy did it make me feel more confident. So hey, why can’t boys get a piece of this confidence too.

Here are a couple of fantastic instructional video on makeup for men that will prove to be very helpful if you’re a guy and new to all of this.

Really the only difference between makeup for men and makeup for girls is the packaging of the actual products. That is if you decide to buy makeup that’s specifically made for men. There’s nothing stopping you from using makeup “for girls” because really makeup is not necessarily for girls, it just so happens that girls are the ones that are usually using it.

So cosmetic companies have traditionally made makeup packaging very feminine to appeal to their female market. I realize that a lot of men out there that are wanting to use makeup to cover their acne are embarrassed enough to be wearing a little makeup, so buying a cosmetic product that’s specifically made for men makes the transition into wearing say a foundation or toner a little easier.

Just like metrosexual mens body products (like face wash and moisturizers) are packaged in boxes or jars with deep hue tones and manly fragrances, man makeup is no exception. Cosmetic companies are also being very clever with the wording of their products, using names such as “guyliner” for eyeliner and “manscara” for mascara.

Here’s someone who likes to wear the guyliner by Taximan -

Yeah you’re awesome Pete.

When I started researching this article I didn’t think there would be many brand options for men, and kind of felt sorry for boys and their lack of options. That is until I clicked “search” on Google and was swamped with literally millions of results for men’s makeup. This is big and it’s only going to get even more popular.

So if you’re one of those boys that’s thought about wanting to wear makeup to cover your acne but not too sure if it’s socially acceptable, then think again. There is now an exceptionally large amount of products in stores and how-to guides on the net which just proves that many men are using at least some form of makeup. did a short survey with 25 men on the street asking them “Should men use cosmetics?”. An amazing 20% gave a positive response. That’s 2 out of every 10 men are open to the idea of wearing cosmetics.

But if you’re still a little too shy to cruise the cosmetics aisles next time you’re out shopping, don’t worry you’re not alone. Most men prefer to buy their cosmetics online, and ask their questions secretly via the net in forums. There is definitely no shortage of stores and resources on the net, so if you’re interested, get Googling.

Makeup for men with acne

If you’re wanting to start wearing man makeup to cover your acne, first please keep in mind that wearing makeup over your acne is never that great for your skin. While I enjoyed the confidence the clearer look gave me, I was constantly obsessing with touching the makeup up, and as soon as I stopped wearing it daily my skins health improved.

You also don’t want to make your makeup look too obvious. It goes the same with girls - I personally think bare acne on the skin looks better than badly covered acne. I’m sure you’ve seen it before ..a very obvious paste of too thick or the wrong color of makeup. If the skin was just left to its natural state it would look much better.

And of course I don’t want you to feel pressured to wear makeup to cover your spots. Just because some guys are doing it now, doesn’t mean you have to. It’s an option, it’s available, so you decide if you want to take it up.

Lavera tinted moisturizer If you’re not quite ready for the full on makeup routine just yet, there are other options you can take that don’t really classify as “makeup” but still do a good job at covering acne.

Tinted moisturizers and sunscreens for example offer coverage without being too girly. I used to use these products when I played sport. I wanted to cover my skin but I also felt ridiculous wearing makeup while working out, so the tinted moisturizer or sunblock was a great solution. You can occasionally find natural products if you look hard enough.

Whatever the decision you want to make, I think it’s fantastic that men have so many options available to them now. Of course I’d rather acne was not considered a condition that we feel a need to cover up, but at least now the option is there.

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