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A Fixin’ Your Thighs – Inner Thigh Lift

Posted Oct 24 2005 12:00am

After reading a post at a forum that I occasionally visit, I figured an explanation of what thigh lifts can (and cannot) do was appropriate. Many plastic surgeons look at thigh lifts with a degree of exasperation. They not infrequently require revision. Those in large weight loss or gastric bypass patients can be a big job.

The amount of excess skin that so unattractively giggles in the inner thigh is the question. To reduce said giggling requires incisions. If the excess is mild to moderate, we can usually get away with just an incision in the crease between the thigh and groin. Gastric bypass and extreme weight loss patients often require an additional incision vertically down the leg. These incisions heal with variable scarring. The scars can migrate down the leg although this is less frequent than it was years ago.

We pull and often liposuction to make the tissues as tight as we can. Then to an extent they loosen over a year or so then we see how we did.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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