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30 Days Raw Vegan - Day 1

Posted Jan 02 2010 1:28am

The first of January marked for me the beginning of a new body experiment - to be 100% raw vegan for 30 days.

I’ve always been fascinated with this way of eating and have loved following some of the top raw foodies across the globe. I’ve been adding raw foods into my diet for the last year or two, but have never been brave enough to take the jump into fully embracing the “diet”.

My body also doesn’t respond very well to most forms of detoxing, so to me this is the most gentle and natural way to run a detox through my body. I’ll be combining the raw food diet with regular exercise, yoga sessions, meditation, body massages, skin brushing, drinking a lot of water, swimming in the ocean at least once a week and getting a minimum of ten minutes of direct sunshine every day.

I guess the biggest reason why I wanted to try this experiment for myself was because I wanted to see how it affects my health, my mood and my skin. I also get asked a lot whether or not a raw food diet will help the skin, and I’ve never really been able to give a good enough answer. I strongly feel that the best way for me to get educated on the topic of raw foodism is to actually try it for myself. So that’s exactly what I’m doing!

It’s important to note that I’m technically not vegan because I will be eating honey. I will not however be consuming any other animal products during the my time as a raw foodie.

Day 1

Today I had a slow start because I was up late celebrating the coming of the New Year. In the future I would like to make more of a conscious effort to rise earlier in the morning and go to bed earlier in the evening. My body always feels healthier this way.

First up I made a green smoothie. I blended up bananas, goji berries, spinach leaves, cashews, apple cider vinegar, honey, spirulina and water with a little premade probiotic drink.

green smoothie

Throughout the day I snacked on macadamias, walnuts and raisons.


For lunch I went to the beach with my house mates and my boyfriend, who thankfully is going raw vegan for 30 days too! We took a picnic of fresh salad with olives and dressed in sea salt, flax crackers, walnuts, and a raw taziki dip. For dessert we ate a green apple and a fresh date.

For dinner we experimented with kelp noodles. We wanted to make up a Thai style noodle dish with satay sauce but the peanut butter in my cupboard contained roasted (cooked) peanuts! So instead we made up a spicy tahini dressing which was amazing.

We ended up making two different versions. Mine had a chunky sauce, and Dave added water to his to make it a little soupier, almost like a laksa consistency.



For dessert we made two flavored raw ice-cream smoothies - banana and mango. They were amazing!!!

mango smoothie

Physical stuff

The first day came and went without feeling any physical changes in my body or detox symptoms. All I felt was super great and healthy for eating such pure food!

In the evening I found two small pimples on my face. Unfortunately one on the very tip of my nose and the other on my left cheek. Both are very small and only obvious under UV light. My skin is also quite red and blotchy. I think that’s partially from being at the beach for a good chunk of the day.

I put some manuka honey on the spots before I went to bed.

Mind stuff

Today I felt great. I had a beautiful peaceful new years day with friends at the beach. In the evening I fell asleep after a movie feeling happy and satisfied.

Bring on day 2!

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