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3 Can’t-Miss Limited-Edition Late Summer 2009 Beauty Product Launches

Posted Jul 31 2009 6:13pm


Image source: User vpasson(flickr)

Maybe it’s the shopaholic in me, but there’s something about a limited edition product that screams “unique, special.”  Of course, while some limited-edition products are limited for a reason (does anyone else remember Diet Pepsi Vanilla – ew?), there is truly something special about these late-summer 2009 limited-edition beauty products.  I personally am using them all right now, and my only fault with them is that they won’t be available forever!  Here’s the list of my fab limited-edition finds: 


1.  The Estée Lauder Sensuous Gold Collection ($18.00-$36.00; Esté ).  

Although introduced as a collection for Fall 2009, this August collection reminds me of late summer: full of shades of sunbaked nudes and tawny roses.  I think this may be my favorite Estée Lauder  collection yet:  while their products still feature light-reflecting microparticles, the company has mastered the art of making shimmer subtle and (gasp- dare I say it) even sophisticated, rather than filling their products with sparkle your teenage cousin may wear (sorry, Bonne Bell).  Combine that with the cosmetics’ high level of pigmentation (a swipe of Signature Lipstick is all you need) and the products’ luxurious feel, and I’m hooked.  My favorite products from the collection are definitely the Estée Lauder Pure Color Multi-Shimmer Gloss ($18.00, Esté ) and the Estée Lauder Gilded Rose Marbleized Shimmer Powder  ($36.00,  Esté ) layered over make-up for a soft, shimmery glow.  One note: the lip gloss doesn’t contain SPF, so I personally save mine for evenings and nights out.  

Picture 20

2.   DKNY Delicious Art Collection Eau De Toilette Perfume ($70.00 for 3.4 oz., $55.00 for 1.7 oz, ).  

The 2009 Limited-Edition DKNY Be Delicious perfume is freshly packaged in a limited edition bottle by Brad Hamann.  The limited-edition bottle depicts a pop art strip of the Be Delicious girl living in New York City.  As for the perfume, it is the classic Be Delicious: American Apple, Cucumber, Grapefruit combined with candid Magnolia, Tuberose, White Muguet, Violet, and base notes of Sandalwood, Tender Skin Accor, Blonde Woods and White Amber.  (In case it helps anyone with an untrained nose like mine, I think it smells like green apples mixed with woodsy flowers!)  Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful daytime fragrance, and the new packaging is bold, energetic, and fun.  I recently switched to it to “pump some energy” into the start of my second year of med school!  


3.  Origins Gloomaway (shown above) and Ginger Souffle Body Souffle in Limited-Edition 31 oz./931 mL sizes  ($85.00, ).  

When skin is still lightly wet from a bath or shower, I love to put on Origins body cream, which tends to have mixes of hydrating oils and free radical-fighting antioxidant blends.  I especially love it when they release these giant 31 oz./931 mL sizes (usually released once per year, in different varieties each year), as a tube less than 1/4 the size (7 oz) normally sells for $27.50!  That means these giant sizes are valued at over $122.00!  I find that each limited-edition sized moisturizer lasts about six months, which is a wonderful thing.  

As such, even though the products above won’t be around forever, they are definitely worth enjoying while they last!  :-)  Feel free to share your favorite limited-edition products in Comments!

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