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Zit wars

Posted Oct 17 2008 6:10pm

Out of nowhere, my complexion has exploded in breakouts; I suddenly resemble a thirteen-year-old boy.  Pinpointing the cause of zits is always difficult, particularly when you’re a beauty gal who regularly switches up her routine and enjoys “experimenting” with products.  (Substitute the word “experimenting” for the phrase “being stupid” and then we’re in business.)  Could it be the samples of antioxidant infused, anti-aging Vivite?  (But the skincare rep said it wouldn’t flare up my skin!)  The hint-of-color-plus-SPF  Neutrogena Color Boosting Sunblock SPF 30?  (Um, the bottle says non-comedogenic.)  The two days when I ran out of cleanser and was using whatever I scrounged up in D. and A.’s cabinets?  (So why isn’t their skin breaking out?)  Or maybe it’s that good ol’ standby: stress.  Whatever the reason, I’ve been fighting back with military precision: first up, thirty seconds of careful washing twice daily with my beloved Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash.  At night, I apply Clean and Clear Persagel 10, which contains 10% benzoyl peroxide.  In the morning, I apply Bare Escentuals Rare Minerals Blemish Therapy, an invisible, sulfur-based treatment, followed by the peptide-packed, one-of-the-few-products-that-definitely-does-not-make-me-break-out  In An Instant Instant Firming Serum.  Finally, I’ve been blasting myself once a day with the ThermaClear Acne Treatment Device, a handheld bacteria-killing badass that is very quickly making a difference.  Of course, all this complexion warfare is leading to dryness, but my skin and I are negotiating a fragile treaty whereby it understands that if it stops looking like a pizza, I will stop infusing it with benzoyl peroxide and sulfur.  Alors, then everybody wins. 



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