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You would not BELIEVE what some ...

Posted Jun 10 2009 6:43pm

You would not BELIEVE what some celebrities do to themselves to prepare for the Oscars and other special events…

cosmetic_surgery Long before crash diets and extreme workout plans go into effect, Hollywood’s hottest stars are planning out their beauty regimens – right down to the minute they walk the red carpet! Aside from typical hair, makeup and  Shapewear, movie stars are known for “cheating” their way to perfect skin, plump lips, and smooth-as-silk foreheads with the latest cosmetic procedures offered by some of the countries top cosmetic surgeons.

According to Dr. Anthony Youn, of the popular blog  says,  “Hollywood has most of America fooled. They tell reporters things like ‘Oh, I just do Yoga and Pilates and drink lots of water!’ when they really have meticulous schedules set months in advance of awards season to guarantee they will look flawless on the big night.”

Below some of the top experts in the industry explain both quick fixes and the long-term planning that goes on leading up to the Oscars – the biggest night in Tinsel Town…

Two Months Before: The Pinky Toe Tuck

As cosmetic benefits of foot surgery are becoming more common place, more and more individuals with congenital foot disorders are also stepping forward to seek out the latest innovative corrective techniques. For stars preparing to done strappy stilettos on the red carpet, New York City cosmetic podiatrist Dr. Oliver Zong offers several surgical options to get fat toes slim. Fat toes can be slimed, long toes can be shortened, and feet can even been slimmed to fit into narrower shoes.

Two Weeks Before: Chiseled Cheek Bones

Structured cheek bones and jaw lines are all the rage in Hollywood. According to Dr. Youn, there are several things stars can do to achieve a “structured” look. “Stars often use facial fillers like Radiesse and Sculputra to plump their cheeks before a big event,” says Dr. Youn, “another great option is Botox for the jaw line. It can be injected into larger jaw muscles to create a more contoured look.”

One Week Before: Botox for Pore-less, Perfect Skin

Botox, which is most commonly associated with reducing wrinkles in the face, is now being used by New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Kamran Jafri to treat other skin conditions such as large pores, oily skin, and inflammation from acne. The injection of Botox into the skin actually causes the pores to constrict in size, which is a huge plus for anyone who has tried to reduce them in the past – there have always been different methods and applications to reduce pore size, but there is nothing topical that can be applied to the skin to reduce their appearance. “Botox has been used in the ‘off label’ form for many years, with the most notable targets being wrinkles. Throughout the course of the application of Botox for wrinkles, doctors were noticing a reduction in pore size and an overall ‘matte’ finish on the skin,” says Dr. Jafri.

The Night Before: Cortisone Shots

All the stress leading up to the Oscars can leave some stars with unsightly breakouts. According to Dr. Youn, “Cortisone injection into the blemish can help flatten the pimple and make it easier to cover with makeup.” Dr. Youn uses a solution of diluted corticosteroid to lessen inflammation and promote healing. “It also is great for stars who do not want a bad breakout to cause scarring on their skin,” says Dr. Youn.

Taken from:  The Fashionable Housewife

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