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yes, we finally did it...

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:14pm
After all the stops and starts,
We keep coming back to these two hearts,
Two angels who've been rescued from the fall.
After all that we've been through,
It all comes down to me and you.
I guess its meant to be,
Forever you and me, after all.

(AFTER ALL by Peter Cetera)

after almost 16yrs, we finally did it :)

yep...we've been together for more than half of our lives.

we've been thru a lot...hell lot. i remember people saying when we got together in junior high that we won't last.

we are two different people...too different that we oftentimes acknowledge the fact that we are incompatible. we often argue and fight over a lot of small, silly things... we had a lot of issues...a lot of heartaches and challenges that you'd think you can only see in the movies. we broke up a lot of times already but we just keep on finding that path to get us back together.

i know this wedding is not the end of our's just the beginning of our lives together. i won't say this is gonna be easy, and i don't care if we would have to go through it all again, as long as we are together.

more wedding pics here.

so yes, you can now call me Mrs. X =)

he left after his one-month vacation, and came back home for 5 days for the wedding...and he's back in abroad now. and i just realize it's a lot harder to be in a long distance relationship with your husband than with your boyfriend. but this is something that we have to endure for now.

sorry if i wasn't able to invite even my close friends, the wedding was planned in a hurry. but i would want to thank those who wished us well. hopefully, we'd be able to invite more in our church wedding next year. :) (keeping my fingers crossed)

now, there's nothing i would want more than being with my husband. sad as it may seem, i know we'd be able to get thru this...and of course with your help, i know i'd be fine.


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