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Would You Buy A Light Bulb Made With Diaper Cream?

Posted May 27 2009 11:50pm

Mid Brain muses: light-bulb

According to Science Daily, researchers from Duke University and the United States Army have found that a common diaper rash ingredient can be used as the basis for a revolutionary new light source.

Diaper cream discovery

The scientists found that by combining zinc oxide, the active ingredient in diaper creams, with sulfur they were able to create a compound that converts invisible ultraviolet light into a brilliant white  light.  They say that this breakthrough could lead to “solid state lighting with better characteristics than current fluorescent ones.” The light produced in this way is even better than the white light from LEDs.

The first generation of this technology requires an ultraviolet light emitting diode to trigger light production but they are hoping to find a way to use electricity alone to create the same effect.  Not only would this light source be energy efficient but baby butt cream has much better toxicity profile than the mercury used in fluorescent lights today.

This may be the best ever example of finding a new use for a cosmetic product!

Have YOU ever found a new way to use a beauty product? Leave a comment and share your experiment with the rest of the Beauty Brains community.

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