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Will Pepperie Solve My Salt and Pepper Hair?

Posted Nov 18 2009 10:00pm

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Designergrl disbelieves… I saw a product called Pepperie Sachet. According to their website, the product “will stop the growth of gray hair, rejuvenate and strengthen your hair.” Supposedly it can restore the health of the follicle so that your hair returns to its natural color. This sounds like hype but I just have to ask: is there any evidence that gray hair can actually be reversed?

The Left Brain responds:

As Purple pointed out in the Beauty Brains Forum, there’s no product on the market that will reverse grey hair. The only thing I would add is that if a product could actually reverse your gray hair then it is a drug and should be safety tested before anyone even tries it. If an ingredient (natural or not) could interact with your body’s natural processes so significantly, wouldn’t you want to be sure that it wasn’t screwing something else up?

Gray happens

Gray hair results when when the melanocytes in your hair follicle stop working. There are 4 different ways in which this can happen (don’t recall them exactly at the moment) but one way, the melanocytes just die and they will never come back. Another way, the melanocytes are moved out of place and they continue to work but the color never makes it into the hair.

Scientists are still trying to figure out ways to restart these melanocytes but it certainly won’t come from a simple sachet that you wipe on your hair. If it were that easy, gray hair wouldn’t be a problem any longer.

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