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Why Short Prom Dresses Are A Daring Choice

Posted Dec 03 2012 9:46am

Prom could well be your first opportunity to get really dressed up for a formal party, so youll see a lot of girls going for more traditional formal styles.

Although there are many styles of 2013 prom dresses to choose from, its imperative that you find your perfect prom dress in order to stand out and look original.

As a rule, the traditional prom dress would be floor-length. However in 2012, prom dresses dont need to follow such rules as rigidly. This is why you can not only get away with wearing short prom dresses, but youll also have some benefits from choosing one over its longer cousins!

In this article were going to look more closely at short prom dresses and why youre going to benefit if youre daring enough to try one:

Why Short Prom Dresses Are A Daring Choice

When it comes to formal events like prom, many people believe that its traditional and appropriate to choose a dress with a long skirt. However, as times change youll see more and more of the braver girls going against this belief and choosing La Femme Short Dresses from This is why collections of 2012 prom dresses

1. Who dares wins.


As I mentioned, it takes a daring girl to go against the grain, but by choosing a short prom dress youll not only look unique, but also really stand out in all of the pictures!

2. Be a dancing queen.

Everyone knows that dancing is far easier in a short skirt, so you can concentrate on busting some moves rather than tripping up over your skirt!

3. Comfort is king.

Lets face it, a long skirt may look elegant, but theyre not always easy to wear as you wont be very mobile and need to take care not to step on it (or for others to trap it under feet or chairs). If you wear a short skirt, then this is never going to be a problem.


4. Show off those legs!

A short skirt is great for showing off your legs, so if this is your style then youll love this kind of prom dress. After all, prom is the time for impressing your date or potential boyfriend, so what better way than by showing off some of your best features?


5. Grab a versatile dress.

Long formal dresses are beautiful, but can only be worn in a fairly limited number of events. If youre young then its unlikely that youll be going to loads of formal parties, so by choosing a short prom dress out of all of the 2012 prom dresses that you can choose from, youll be guaranteeing that you can wear it again at a party, bar or club. Youll also save money by re-wearing a La Femme Long Dressesfrom, so thats also good!

So, are you ready to choose short 2012 prom dresses, or are you a more mainstream kind of girl? Either way, there are loads of beautiful new prom dresses available online in 2012, so have fun choosing yours! source:

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