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Why Men Skincare?

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:14pm
Hey guys, I know I’ve been on a hiatus for a month or so and I apologized as I haven’t been keeping my part of blog as active as possible. However along the month my understanding towards certain matter has deepened as well. For example a lot of people around me (guys) asked me, why do they have to use facial care formulated for men. I mean lots of them uses and share facial care products with their girlfriends or sisters. Here’s why.

Like most men wished, beauty is skin deep. But along the way came the phrase “first impression” which leads to more and more men looking after their skin. They must first understand men’s skin is different from the female counterpart. The skin is a hormone sensitive organ and men’s skin is constantly affected by androgens (particularly testosterone). And due to the largely affect of testosterone there are six points that differentiate the men’s skin condition from the women.

o More hairs -> Skin aggressed by shaving.
o More sebum secreted -> shiny skin , open pores
o Thicker epidermis -> more cellular levels and more skin cells
o A denser dermal -> more active fibroblasts and more abundance of collagen
o More prone to redness , under eye puffiness
o Nerve endings positioned differently , thus less sensitive to touch and need more vigorous
application techniques
o Men’s skin is 20% thicker than women’s

In short, the women’s facial care products aren’t suitable because we generally have “thicker” skin and therefore men’s specially formulated skincare is somewhat “tougher” in passing through those thicker layer skins. Don’t worry, the “thicker” isn’t always bad but it gives us an advantage of aging slower compare to our counterpart. Kudos to us.

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