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why does nail polish make the nail on my big toe come off the nail bed?

Posted by ruby

not the whole nail, just down one side.  Would use polish during sandal season, by the end of summer nail would be completely off on one side. Stopped using polish over the winter and it use to grow out and would look fine. Now I have stopped using polish on toe nails altogether, but  it won't grow out. 
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Hmmm, have you talked to your doctor about this? Could it be that there's something else going on, like the shoes you're wearing in the summer are rubbing up against/not protecting your foot in such a way that it's causing the nail to come off?

 Also, have you considered it some form of allergic reaction? I'm not sure what exaclty an allergic reaction would cause, assuming there could be one, but that might be something to explore as well.  

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