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Who Wants Anti-Aging Lotions That Really Work?

Posted Jul 11 2009 12:18am

Mid Brain reports:

Tired of spending top dollar for that Anti-aging skin lotion only to see barely noticeable effects? Take heart because anti aging scientists at Vanderbilt University Medical Center have recently discovered some new bio-markers that should help in the development anti-aging lotions that really work.

The sad truth is that creams and lotions that claim to be anti-aging are not much more effective than standard moisturizing lotions. Under the right testing circumstances, you can make anyone’s skin look less wrinkled with a decent moisturizer. When you hear really impressive claims, the comparisons are probably done against untreated skin. And most people’s untreated skin will look nasty when compared to lotion treated skin. Of course, the good news is that most skin lotion do provide a benefit. You should be using them often.

What Dr. James Sligh Jr. and his group report is a new method for determining whether these products actually work or not. So instead of comparing a lotion against no treatment, cosmetic chemists will be able to use these bio-markers to see if the products are actually working. That will allow them to screen thousands of ingredients and formulas quickly. Who knows, maybe someday these products will become competition for the only really effective anti-aging treatment, cosmetic surgery.

The Beauty Brains bottom line

Incidentally, you really won’t see much performance difference in skin lotions that cost more than $20 a bottle. They just don’t work better.

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