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When to remove Face Masks and Hair Packs?

Posted Dec 04 2010 1:30pm
Hey guys!! I am really sorry for not being at all particular with the posts. Kinda really busy these days so I'll probably even miss the first birthday of my blog which is on December 14. I can not believe a whole year has passed. I definitely have been very lazy in writing my posts many a days but I have tried to be as regular as possible. In case, I do miss the birthday of my blog, I shall do the festivities along with the Christmas and New Year or may be Pongal even. Gosh!! That will be really late but I am sure you will all forgive me. So, for today, I have a very simple tip to share with you all regarding the face packs and the hair packs. Now, I had shared the correct procedure for applying face masks . So, this is one additional procedure which should be followed stringently. 

Always remove the face masks and hair packs as soon as they are close to drying. When the face masks and hair packs dry completely, they start absorbing water from your skin or hair to compensate the loss of moisture in them due to the reverse osmosis process. And, this becomes very drying for your skin and hair in the long run. So, always remember to wash off as soon as the mask is close to drying. For hair, I have a tip that wash off your mask after an hour. One hour is enough to let your hair get the nutrients from your mask. If you are applying henna, always remove when the mask has dried otherwise you will find that your hair has become dry in nature. This is especially true for dry hair. Whenever you apply a hair mask, always put a shower cap on. This helps to hold the moisture inside. When you keep the hair packs and face masks beyond stipulated period, they can causing aging of your skin and drying of your hair. This holds true with the home remedies too. So, follow this tip and reap the benefits.
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