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When Technology Meets Beauty: Cosmetifique iPhone app

Posted Feb 18 2010 2:31pm

katherine-bio-picthumbnail.jpgLondon Correspondent Katherine McKenney writes:

What happens when technology meets natural beauty? They find true love in the form of an iPhone application called Cosmetifique. (The creator of this application Alfredo Delli Bovi will appreciate the love analogy since he is an 18 year old high school student from Salerno, Italy: the land of amore, no?)

cosmetifiqueapp.jpgCosmetifique is an application that allows you to look up ingredients in beauty products and rates them green, yellow, orange, or red depending on their level of toxicity. Alfredo contacted local scientists to help him develop the rating system. The rating system is based on the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI),  which is a system of naming ingredients based on their scientific names. Note – there was no ingredient testing or studies done to rate the ingredients so you will still need to refer to organizations like Environmental Working Group for actual research.

I found the application a very handy tool to use when I was in a shop and had to quickly look up an ingredient (much quicker than Google searching on Safari). Also, you can add your favorite cosmetics/products and share them on Twitter/Facebook, though you have to enter them one ingredient at a time. For those of you new to the whole natural/eco beauty concept, you will learn a lot from this application. It’s also handy for seasoned natural beauty veterans who need a quick reference; although you might not always agree with the ratings (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate comes in at yellow, whereas I would have put it at orange).

When I asked Alfredo how he got the idea for Cosmetifque, he told me that his girlfriend told him he should build it. (Hmph.  I wish MY boyfriend would create me an iPhone application!). By the way, Alfredo’s favorite beauty brand is Lush. I wonder how their ingredients rate in Cosmetifique?  I feel market research (i.e. shopping trip) coming on…

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