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When Snowed In, I Dye My Hair

Posted Jan 29 2010 10:31pm
Nothing drastic, but I had a box of reddish brown and a box of light golden brown so I mixed them together. I know it'll fade soon, but I plan on doing dying it the same color in a couple weeks to intensify it a bit more.

So my outfits of the day...

Yeah right, I wish. It's sofa king cold and's not the time for vagina length dresses. Just played dress up because I'm cooped up in the house.

This is a pencil skirt hiked up into a slutty ho dress. I love gigantic flowers in the hair that look like they're about to devour my face.

My actual frumpy outfit for the few moments I spent outside...bleh. I have to wear long coats in this ass is sensitive to the cold. I was planning on playing in the snow with my bf and brother(oh my,that sounds so childish now that I think about it), but I changed my mind as soon as I felt the wind.

Since I had plenty of time on my hands I made a video...again.
Here's the look I did-
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