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What is a sore throat with itchy rash all over body?

Posted by nessy1845

My child complained of feeling nausous and having a sore throat yesterday. However, he did not have a rash and he was not acting like he was terribly sick.

Today, he developed a rash all over his body, even on the palms of his hands He did not do anything different that we can think of yesterday that might have caused an allergic reaction. Last night, we gave him Tylenol Cold and Sinus to relieve the sore throat. Today, his throat still hurts, he has the rash which is large red spots that are not raised and they are almost everywhere on his body. I felt his glands, which are swollen and he really complained about pain when I touched right under and behind his ears. I could barely touch that spot on him. Also, he is still pretty active. He does not act terribly sick and he has not ran a fever that we know of. What do think this could be?

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