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What does Ulta mean anyway

Posted Mar 01 2009 12:00am
A few weeks ago, I took a trip down to Ulta because they were having sales on several products that I was interested in. In addition to picking up the items that I wanted, I decided to venture over to Ulta's private label. They were having a sale on the entire line. The lipsticks were on sale for $4, and I decided to pick some up. I think these will be the only Ulta lipsticks and glosses I will get. I had high hopes for the lippies; the colors are lovely, the packaging is clean and sleek; however, there are some things I can't get over.

Packaging: A lovely, round, silver tube. The word "Ulta" is pressed into the tube. There is a peekaboo window at the bottom of the tube where you can see the lipstick shade. This is useful since the name of the shade is not on the outside of the tube. When you remove the cap there is a sticker on the tube with the shade name. I find this a little annoying because I like to read the shade on the outside.

Texture: Moisturizing. The formula provides a rich, dense finish that definitely coats the lips. In addition, when applied the lips pick up a subtle sheen. Overall, the lips don't look dry or unhealthy. They look moist and healthy. Kind of balmy. When the lippies are applied, they just glide on the lips, and the texture stays like that until it wears away. I really like the texture; my lips don't feel dry after applying, which is always a plus.

Coverage: The lippies range from a satin to a sheer finish. They all deposit color, but some offer more pigment than others. "Sheer Latte," "Black Cherries," "Heat Wave," and "Sheer Berry" have a lovely mid-pigment sheen to them. They leave a "my lips but better" finish. "Moroccan Red" has a deep pigmentation, but this can also be sheered out.

Longevity: These last as long as any average lipstick. They don't withstand eating or drinking, and they require the regular amount of reapplication. There is nothing promising as far as long-lasting goes. Of course, a lip pencil and the blot-powder-reapply method will make the lipstick last longer.

Smell: This is the dealbreaker for me. The smell is chemically/plasticy. The smell does not go away. My nose is constantly irritated by this smell. In addition, the smell really never subsides. My cheaper Wet n' Wild lippies smell better than the Ulta ones. Also, when I initially apply the lipstick, the smell enters my mouth and kind of makes my tongue uncomfortable and my throats gets a little scratchy. I thought I could get past the smell/taste of the lipsticks, but I don't know if I can. If I use a little chapstick under the lipsticks, it is a little more doable, but...ahhh, I know that I will not invest in any more of these lippies. In a nutshell, I would not want to kiss anyone on the lips while wearing these lippies.

So what does this mean for the lipsticks that I bought? Well, I will still wear them, but they won't be in heavy rotation. I will also be sure to pair the lippies with a nicely flavored balm under the lipstick to make them smell/taste better. Also, if I blot the lippies the smell is less potent, so I can use these as lip stains. Maybe I will give them away to someone who doesn't mind the smell. We shall see. Oh, and I tried one of the glosses in "raisin," and I didn't really like it either because of the smell. The texture was really sticky and thick, which makes for a great longlasting gloss, but, oh the smell!

2.5 out of 5 happy wallets--I love the colors and texture, but I just can't get past the smell/taste.
Price: regular $8, Ulta does put them on sale though

Ulta, if you are reading this, please do something with the smell because I these lippies really have the potential!

What does everyone else do when they encounter unpleasant smelling lippies?

top: Brilliant lip gloss in "raisin"
left-right: "Moroccan Red," "Heat Wave," "Sheer Berry," "Sheer Latte," "Black Cherries"

see the label on the inside.
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